Summer holidays due now

Summer Holidays are just around the corner and we all are thinking about this year’s summer getaway. Be that a family holiday by the sea, a romantic city break or just a much needed battery recharge.

Read some useful tips on how to save on travel this year, so you can spend more on your favorite ice cream or wine.


1.      Sometimes the actual airlines have better flights than the travel sites, so check them all out. Skyscanner is great tool - comparing millions of flights to find you the best deal.


2.      Check all of your loyalty point cards and see if you can get a free flight. If you have points on a bunch of different airlines you can go to and convert them to the points you need. You can also buy points if you need more and this should be cheaper than buying the flight.


3.      If you need a hotel and a flight, see if it's cheaper to book both on travel sites like Expedia and Travelocity. It can be cheaper than booking separately because the hotels pay some of your way and you get the fly bigger airlines that normally land in the closer airports unlike budget airlines as Easyjet or Ryan Air. This of course will save you a significant amount on taxies traveling from and to your airport.


4.      When you find your favorite hotel that's on a budget then search for promo codes for that hotel. Sometimes you'll find one that works on their own site and you'll save a lot, lot!


5.      Make your own snacks - budget airlines make extra cash by selling snacks to hungry flyers at sky-high prices. So plan ahead and bring your own snacks and sarnies with you.


6.      If you're flying with a budget airline and want to stow luggage in the hold, expect to pay a hefty whack. To minimize weight, wear your heaviest clothes and shoes. If you're near the weight limit, put heavy gear in your pockets, then put your jacket under your seat on the plane.


7.      Take a note of any  flight delays -  You can get  up to €600 compensation for flight delays if the airline was at fault. Under EU rules, you may get compensation for delays of three or more hours. In some instances you may also get your ticket money back, plus other costs such as meals and accommodation. 

Written on by Jakub Kotan

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