Should holidaymakers to Greece be worried about a Grexit?

Although the Greeks have voted "no" in the referendum, the question of Grexit has been put on ice for the moment. However, nobody really knows what currency, if any will be coming out of cash points in Athens at the end of this year.

Would you like to cancel your flights or holidays? Tour operators and airlines are under no obligation to provide a refund should you decide to cancel your trip to Greece.

Please note that if the Foreign Office does issue “do not travel” advice - which at this stage seems extremely unlikely - that effectively means that those of us who do still want to fly to Greece, will most likely not be able to - because the vast majority of travel insurers will suspend cover as a result.

Many tour operators have been very flexible with customers wanting to change their travel plans following the Tunisia massacre, but there will be no real reason for them to be as accommodating regarding holidays to Greece.

Visitors to Greece should be aware of the possibility that banking services – including credit card processing and servicing of ATMs – throughout Greece could potentially become limited at short notice. Holidaymakers should check how much cash their travel insurance policy covers them for and should take appropriate security precautions against theft such as using their hotel safe or splitting cash up between their party.

Nevertheless, Abta doesn’t think holidaymakers will be affected in any way and tour operators say they have many representatives in Greece and are monitoring the situation carefully.

Are you flying to Greece this summer or have you just came back? We would love to hear from you....

Written on by Jakub Kotan

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